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The following members of our community are people with spinal cord injuries or other physical disabilities who run their own businesses. Supporting each other makes a strong community! If you have your own business, and have a spinal cord injury or other physical disability, email us to be included on this resource list.

Mitch Brogan

Mitch Brogan - Able Bionics


6410 Bradish Road
London, Ontario
N6N 1N6
1-519- 852-ABLE (2253)
Founder: Mitch Brogan

As the first person in North America to walk again using a Rex Bionics exoskeleton, Mitch Brogen wants you to experience for yourself the power of bionics. His company, Able Bionics, is a pioneer gait neuro-rehabilitation service specializing in exoskeletons and robotic walking devices for clinics and physiotherapists to offer to individuals with mobility issues. Services include therapies, training, and business/product sales and support.  Able Bionics currently offers Ekso Bionics, ReWalk Robotics, B-Temia's Keeogo and Rex Bionics walking devices to Canadians. We currently have our ABLE Program available in two facilities in Toronto, two facilities in London and one in Aspen, Colorado.


Joanne Smith - Fruitful Elements

Fruitful Elements

Phone: 416-992- 2927
Founder: Joanne Smith

Specializing in nutrition for people with disabilities, Joanne Smith knows that nutrition has a profound impact on our physical and mental health. Life with a disability is a delicate balance of trying to stay healthy and avoiding any associated secondary health issues. It is often the secondary health problems that prevent us from living independently. That’s why proper nutrition and healthy living are essential. Fruitful Elements applies this philosophy in its preventative health approach – providing individuals with wise nutritional and lifestyle choices. Fruitful Elements specializes in delivering one-on- one personal consultations, individualized nutrition protocols, menu planning, cooking workshops and group presentations.


Travis Iverson - Iver Fashion Inc.


Phone: 613 695-0966
Founder: Travis Iverson

Just as an artist uses a paintbrush, Travis Iverson loves how people use fashion as a tool for self-expression... that highlights your personality, makes you feel good, and improves your overall confidence.  Travis sustained a spinal cord injury 13 years ago and recently designed a fashionable, accessible men’s clothing line after years of frustration with the lack of stylish clothing options available to him. Using breathable, absorbent materials that are durable and hypo-allergenic, his company, Iver Fashion, provides men who want to look good, with wrinkle- free, stain-free and moisture-wicking fabrics that don't compromise on style.

Mike Mulligan

Mike Mulligan - Moving Forward Rehabilitation Center

Moving Forward Rehabilitation Center

4096 Meadowbrook Drive
EUnit 123, London, ON
Phone: 519-203- 3000
Founder: Mike Mulligan

Mike Mulligan’s goal is to assist as many people as possible with their rehabilitation and teach them that recovery is going to be long path, but consistency is the key to improvement. Moving Forward provides an intense activity-based exercise program, nutritional counselling and massage for people with spinal cord injuries or other neurological disabilities. The program provides hope, encouragement and improves quality of life. Programs are one-on-one and custom made for each individual. Each client receives an assessment by a qualified professional of individual abilities, strengths and goals. Programs are continually updated and improved to stay progressively challenging. At Mike’s facility, friends and community are all working together towards… MOVING FORWARD.

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson - SCI Supply Inc.

SCI Supply Inc.

201 - 126 Hurontario Street
Collingwood, ON L9Y 2L8
Toll-Free: 1 (877) 363-2284
Founder: Michael Johnson

SCIsupply Inc. appreciates first-hand, the importance of incontinence supplies. Having lived with a spinal cord injury since 1995, Michael Johnson, founder of SCIsupply Inc, has extensive experience with various supplies required for a healthy bladder program. The company was founded in 2009, and specializes in the online sale of incontinence as well as ostomy and skin/wound products. SCIsupply Inc. understands there are enough things to worry about on a daily basis, therefore, the company strives to improve your shopping experience by ensuring it is as convenient and seamless as possible.


Mark Wilson - One Way Productions

One Way Productions

296 darling St.
Brantford ON
N3S 3X8

  • Music festival and event promotion
  • Audio and lighting rentals
  • Tent rentals
  • Live music for any occasion
  • Dj service for any occasion